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LAMALAND (Part II: Dance of Death)
A film written, produced and directed by Pablo Sigg
2020 / 93 min. / BW / German  
The dark fable of the end of the last two survivors of the Aryan colony founded by Friedrich Nietzsche's sister in the Paraguayan jungle continues. The Schweikhart brothers, after destroying each other in the first part of LAMALAND, are reunited in a world analogous to the world, where the struggle between master and servant, love and discord, day and night, darkness and light still persists. 
Pablo Sigg has been producing, writing and directing the LAMALAND cycle for a decade. This saga of three feature films is starred and interpreted by Friedrich and Max Josef Schweikhart, direct survivors of the Nueva Germania colony, a utopian community imagined by Richard Wagner in 1880.
In 1886, Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche (nicknamed «Llama» –Lama in German– by her brother Friedrich) founded Nueva Germania near the southern Amazon, where she settled for six years.
In a letter sent to Paraguay Nietzsche proposes to Elisabeth to call «Lamaland» the piece of Neogerman land she intended to sell him for 300 marks. In the end, Nietzsche never acquired the piece of lost Paradise that today the Schweikhart brothers populate. 

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