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A film produced, written and directed by Pablo Sigg

2018 / 91 min. / Colour & BW / German / Mexico - Switzerland

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Fated to live in a radical state of isolation in the paradise lost called Nueva Germania, the two surviving descendants of the Aryan colony founded by Friedrich Nietzsche’s sister in the Paraguayan jungle have their ultimate destiny revealed to them through a spontaneous breakdown of the fossilized order of their daily existence. It is as if the dark forces of time, the gods of the air and of the elements were calling for the end of the men who dreamt of a world with one history, one language, one deity, one race and one territory. 
LAMALAND was made in Nueva Germania, Paraguay, with Friedrich and Max Josef Schweikhart, direct survivors of the Utopian community imagined by Richard Wagner and established in the south of the Amazonia at the end of the 19th century by Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche. Due to her unwavering «South American stubbornness,» her brother Friedrich called her –with a sarcastic affection, perhaps– «Llama.»

World Premiere:
International Film Festival Rotterdam 2018

Selection of film festivals:

47th International Film Festival Rotterdam 2018 (Official Selection: Perspectives)
8th FICUNAM Festival Internacional de Cine UNAM 2018, Mexico (International Competition)
14th Play-Doc International Documentary Film Festival Tui 2018, Spain (International Competition)
29th FID Festival International de Cinéma Marseille 2018 (Official Selection)
18th Indie Festival 2018, Sao Paulo (Official Selection)
56th VIENNALE Vienna International Film Festival 2018 (Official Selection: Features)
54th Solothurner Filmtage 2019, Solothurn, Switzerland (Official Selection: Panorama)
14th Underdox Internationales Filmfestival Dokument und Experiment 2019 München (Official Selection)


*Best Film*, Play-Doc 14 International Documentary Film Festival Tui 2018, Spain


« A Biblical Western shortly before rigor mortis. » « [A] minimalist Epic. » 
Florian Keller: Der eigenartigste Film in Solothurn (Kain und Abel im deutschen Urwald), WOZ Die Wochenzeitung 

« It’s a film that ends even before it starts, a film that is pure collapse, the fascinating work of an obsessive film director who works in almost as much isolation as his subjects and makes movies in the slowest possible way.» 
Mario García Torres: Pablo Sigg's Lamaland, Walker Magazine

« Here is the embodiment of Nihilism, perhaps the ultimate diabolic expression: Life moves nowhere; there is no plan, no telos; the present circulates endlessly, repetitively and the matter of the world itself is falling down into the abyss. » 
Roger Koza: Lamaland (Teil I), Viennale 2018
« The lack of logic that impregnates the passage of time, the occurrence of certain events, is the same one that does not want to make Evil coherent and rational, nor give it any trace of comprehensibility. » 
Lorenzo Paci: Lamaland (Part I), Cinepaxy 

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