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A film trilogy produced, written and directed by Pablo Sigg
2021 / 242 minutes / Colour / Black & white / German / Mexico / Switzerland
At the beginning of 1886, Elisabeth, Friedrich Nietzsche's younger sister, left Germany with her husband Bernhard Förster and a dozen pure German families to found the Aryan colony «Nueva Germania» in the middle of the Paraguayan jungle. More than a century later, the last direct survivors of the Förster-Nietzsche colonial experiment are the Schweikhart brothers. Living in strict observance of the colony's code of ethics, since childhood they have led a life of complete isolation on the remote property where their parents and grandparents dreamed of establishing a Paradise on earth.
The LAMALAND trilogy was filmed over the course of a decade in Nueva Germania, Paraguay, featuring Friedrich and Max Josef Schweikhart, two direct survivors of the Aryan colony founded near the southern Amazon at the end of the 19th century by Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche. This anti-epopoeia that takes place in its real scenario and where its living characters perform, is composed of three films:
Lamaland / Part I: Satan
Lamaland / Part II: Dance of Death
Lamaland / Part III: Paradise